Do movers ever steal your stuff?

According to Murphy, moving companies don't steal from shippers, ever. Murphy assures readers that after thirty years of working as a moving company, “I never saw anyone steal anything from a carrier (2.However, before you get too comfortable, you can reconsider letting carriers pack your socks and underwear. The most common scam in the moving industry is to hold your belongings “hostage” for additional payment. Although you have agreed to a contract for a specific amount, the moving company requires hundreds or thousands more to release your item.

Since then, when I call AllState for updates, they say they have trouble contacting Flash and will give me an update when they have more information. They won't tell me the location of our belongings, so I have no idea where our belongings are. They have our furniture, most of our clothes, musical instruments and equipment, YouTube equipment, and our sentimental and childhood items. Approximately 1.6 million Americans hire interstate carriers of household goods each year.

Unfortunately, 3,000 cases of possible moving fraud are reported annually. Many of these cases involve criminals offering low budgets and then holding customers' possessions hostage in undisclosed warehouses, demanding thousands of dollars in additional payments, and threatening to auction. MoveRescue is dedicated to ending this problem by ensuring that moving companies comply with federal consumer protection standards.