When to move into a new house?

The first priority should be items completed that week, such as safety issues, cleaning, unpacking, etc. Priority two should be tasks completed in the next two months, related to organization, maintenance and remaining unpacking. The tasks of priority three should not be essential, but rather improvements and projects that you would like to complete during the year: renovations, landscaping, and major purchases. Live in your home 12 to 18 months before undertaking any major renovations, such as additions or tearing down walls.

What you initially think you want may change after you've lived there for a while. If you're moving out of state and there isn't an in-person visit, schedule a virtual tour with your realtor. Some companies also offer 3D scans of living spaces so you can take a digital tour in your own time and measure dimensions from afar. There are big differences between living in an apartment complex and living in a house.

Luckily, MYMOVE is here to make the transition as easy as possible, with our top 15 tips to make moving into your first home easier. It takes about 10 seconds and will not only improve airflow, but it will prevent your air or HVAC system from consuming more energy by pumping lower quality air. Nobody likes to get into a dead zone. Make sure you're up and running before moving day by creating services that fit your needs.

Do your homework to know where you stand to compare prices and find out which service providers will best suit your needs. Schedule the installation at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance to ensure that your services are turned on in a timely manner and also to get the appointment that is most convenient for you. Compare cable and Internet providers who attend your new address, request service, and schedule your installation appointment. In the early days of your move, you'll not only unpack a sea of boxes, but you'll also wait for deliveries, repairs, and installations.

It is a good idea to notify your employer that you are moving so that you have enough time to schedule these appointments before you return to the office. The 48 hours after moving is crucial to reaching an agreement (a little), so be sure to plan and schedule accordingly. Create a home maintenance checklist that is realistic for your home. Make a budget for those tasks every year, as well as unexpected repairs.

The general rule is to save a minimum of 1 percent of the home purchase price each year for repairs. You might decide to hire professionals to handle some of these tasks, so keep that in mind in your budget as well.