What should i do before the movers come?

Go around one room at a time and throw away any useless or unused items you find. Order them in boxes labeled Trash Bin, Donate and Gift. Once everything is packed, try to sort the boxes by weight to make it easier for carriers to load. Keep piles of boxes away from doors so that everyone can walk around easily.

Avoid piling things on heavy furniture that are loaded first into the van. When preparing for the move, make sure that all the items you are going to place in the moving truck are clean and dry. Not only will it not be fun to unpack dusty furniture, dirty appliances and stained fabrics in your new home, but the remaining moisture and dirt can damage your items during the moving process (moisture can cause mold growth, dirt can ruin delicate surfaces, etc.) State your expectations in advance, and accredited Bay Area moving and packing companies will strive to keep you satisfied and go above and beyond. Also, be sure to mark all household items (larger items, such as furniture and appliances that can't be moved to a separate room) that won't be moved to your new home, so that carriers know that these items shouldn't be packed or loaded into the moving truck.

The best movers and packers from the right moving company in San Rafael, backed by organization and preparation, are the key to a successful move. It may not seem like a crucial task for the move, but every step you take to prepare for the move before it arrives will save you time, problems and stress on the day of the move. When the truck couldn't turn back in the driveway, my movers would park it at the bottom, open the side doors, and get to work without complaints or negativity. So it's a good idea to leave young children and pets with a trusted friend or family member on the day of the move.

This way, the moving company won't accidentally bump into your toddler or curious dog, they will adjust to your little ones' daily feeding and napping schedules and you won't have to constantly monitor your child or pet and you can focus on the moving tasks at hand. People who move don't usually have much time to have lunch or go quickly to a convenience store to buy a drink, so make sure you have a snack handy. Before moving day, determine if you or the carriers will be responsible for packing and unpacking your belongings. Before those from the moving company arrive, take all the items you don't want placed in the moving truck to a separate room: your survival box, important documents, keys and tickets, essential electronic devices, family heirlooms, valuables, favorite toys, and any other items you want to take with you instead of entrusting them to the carriers.

If you live in an apartment, ask your manager if you and the moving company have any move-in day requirements. If you still have items in your house that you don't want them to move, make sure you keep them all in one place and tell the moving company that they won't be moving them. On the day of the move, make sure you have a plan to keep your children and pets away from the moving company. Moving companies may still have questions about certain items, but the floor plan gives them an idea of the most obvious ones, such as the sofa, the dining table, etc.

Movers have been collecting your things all day and, if you have to move a long distance, the process has only just begun.