Do Moving Companies Store Your Stuff?

Are you planning to move soon and need to know if the moving company you hire will store your stuff? Most companies include 30 days of storage in their estimation, so you won't have to pay separately for it. But it depends on the moving company, as some only offer moving services and are not equipped to store items. If you know you'll need storage, it's best to choose a company that offers both moving and storage services. The moving company's storage costs depend on the number of belongings you have, the type of belongings you have, and the distance of your move.

Some New York movers offer storage in traditional facilities, while others offer secure storage in a warehouse or truck depot. With Piece of Cake Moving & Storage, travel expenses incurred during the move, such as tolls, are included in the price. We can move your office overnight, weekends, and holidays to minimize your downtime. With the full pack and unpack office, your staff will be up and running the next morning.

Diane, my coordinator also did an exceptional job organizing my move and preparing my documentation. On the day of my move, PoC contacted me before, during and after my move to make sure everything was transparent. So just because you've hired a moving company to do the heavy lifting doesn't mean you need to sit back and relax now. If you choose to store and move with the same company (such as Wheaton), any packaging or unpacking is handled by experienced professionals.

I couldn't recommend them highly enough and, in fact, I was happy when I tipped them and was able to thank each move individually. Make sure you have all the information you need before hiring a moving company to take your things to the warehouse. And your items will be safe in a warehouse. If you're also a parent of a teenager, it's likely that how they'll handle the move has crossed your mind. So if you're planning a move soon and need storage services too, make sure that when booking your moving company, 30 days of storage are included.