What is the easiest way to move house?

Please notify important contacts about your new address in advance. Keep your moving agents informed. If you hire moving services, renting supplies, or hiring professionals such as painters or cleaners to work around the house, book in advance. Waiting to do so could mean paying a higher price or not being able to get a truck or moving company, especially if it's peak moving season.

Leaving clothes on hangers makes it easy to move and place them in your new home. Group them into five or six hangers (depending on how bulky the clothes are) and wrap them in large garbage bags. It takes longer than you can imagine dismantling a bed, a crib and that relic chest of drawers that has to go down three flights of stairs. I strongly recommend that you start the process of dismantling furniture as far in advance as possible.

A good tip is to gradually migrate your family to a room downstairs during the week before you move in. It doesn't matter if everyone has to sleep on the floor. At least the movers will like you. For special items such as a delicately used Coach bag or your 90s Beanie Babies collection, go to eBay.

Discover the easiest and most efficient way to get where you're going. Look for possible road construction schedules ahead of time. And consider traffic, detours, and necessary stops when you make your plan. When you move home, you inevitably end up having 600 different things to do and remember.

Don't let all these important tasks and reminders, no matter how obvious they seem, go through your mind. You might think that your flat screen TV could handle a 30-minute trip around the city in a cardboard box, but, unfortunately, it's a fragile piece of technology. The best way to transport your electronic devices is in the original boxes they arrived in when you bought them. Find out in advance who will be the boss on the day of the move.

Whoever is comfortable taking over the download and organization process (and inevitably answering 400 different questions) should take up this position. Whether you're embarking on a DIY move or hiring professional moves, the following 30 moving tips will help you prepare like a pro and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. Choose a little-used room or corner of your house to serve as a packing station. Build boxes of various sizes so they're ready to pick them up.

Store plenty of thick markers, packaging tape, and packaging materials such as bubble wrap, popcorn or unprinted newsprint there. While moving to a new home isn't the easiest task, there are ways to make the process go smoothly. That's right: The easiest way to move into a new home is to hire the services of a full-service, accredited moving company.