What to tip house movers?

When it comes to household moves, tipping or not tipping is not the question. It's important to decide how much to tip the moving company, and you should include it in your total moving costs. Plan to provide 5% to 20% of the total cost of your move as a tip to the moving team. The decision to pay moving companies 10% of the total could work perfectly if you only work with a moving team for a few hours.

But the total cost you pay to the moving company usually depends on how many hours they spend inside the truck. The cost of hiring a moving company can be a few hundred dollars or less for a small local move, or it could cost you thousands if you move a multi-bedroom home across state lines. As long as you're satisfied with the way your movers handled all the work, then it's only natural to consider tipping the movers in your home. If you're moving across the street with a 2-person team that only takes a few hours, the tip amount must be less than someone moving a five-bedroom house across the country.

If you are planning to move from home in the near future, you may be wondering if the broad category of “service workers” includes those who move. The foreman, who sometimes happens to be the driver of the moving truck, is the person to go to if any problems or misunderstandings arise during the move of the home. When it comes to long-distance moving, figuring out how much to tip your crew can be intimidating and can also leave you worried about the total cost of your move to your new home. But what about your moving agents? When thinking about how much to tip those who move to show appreciation, another way to make them very happy is by feeding them.

Once you manage to process the (surprising) news that the time to move home is just around the corner, and.