What should i do to make sure my items don't get lost during a house move?

How to avoid losing your things during a MovePack one room at a time. It may take a little longer and may seem like a hassle, but packing one room at a time is a great way to ensure you don't miss anything. Don't send personal items in the moving truck. Single room, studio, one-bedroom apartment, two-bedroom apartment, three-bedroom apartment or more, one-bedroom house, two-bedroom house, three-bedroom house or more.

Packing all your belongings in boxes, bags, and more can be overwhelming. Make it a little easier for you by reducing clutter as much as possible. Before you pack a single box, mercilessly purge unused or unnecessary items. You'll have less to pack, move, and unpack, and you'll start your life in your new space with a clean slate.

While you can take steps to avoid losing items, such as paying special attention to items that are often abandoned (which we published on our blog on August 30), you should also know what to do when you notice that something is missing. The last thing you want is to rush to the store while you pack the boxes for the move or make sure everything is out of the house. Once you've checked with everyone who helped you move to see if they found the missing items, take a moment to find the moving documentation you have. Then, you can move on to cleaning, which is especially important if you're moving out of a rental house or apartment and want your deposit refunded.

Some moving tips focus on how to pack a moving truck most effectively, while others offer reminders to cancel various services or organize things in the new home; even more focus on smaller details, such as how to care for pets during the move or what to do when the moving company is late.