What are the best ways to reduce stress when moving house?

Mental health: 26% move house: 7 ways to reduce the stress of moving home Get organized. Spend enough time preparing for the move and start the process as soon as possible. One of the main sources of stress related to moving is time. More specifically, not having enough.

A stress-free move might not be possible, but you can make it much easier by making sure you spend enough time getting everything done. Calculate that you'll need about two days to pack a studio or one-bedroom apartment, three or four days for a two-bedroom house, five or six days for a three-bedroom house, and so on. Make sure you also have enough time for other measures, such as researching and selecting a moving company or rental truck, installing utilities in your new home, and cleaning the house you're leaving. The farther you leave until the last moment, the more frantic you'll inevitably feel.

Moving is stressful and not without challenges, but it can be helpful to focus on the positive aspects instead of focusing on things that don't go as planned or being carried away by them. Ask your colleagues or family members to help you during the move. Spend time with them, as it can be a great bonding experience before you move. Your friends won't mind helping.

You can buy them food or drinks as a token of appreciation for their help. Sometimes moves are unexpected, but if you can work beforehand to organize, order, and donate items you no longer use, you can save time and stress on the day of the move. Routines will need to be rebuilt, they may lose a lot of their friends, and if they've never moved before, they probably won't even understand why they have to move. Moving is a stressful event, whether you're moving a short distance away or moving thousands of miles away.

For example, you might be less patient with friends and family when packing for the move, or you might be more likely to cry than usual in the weeks before the move. Moving alone is stressful, but moving as a family with young children can be more stressful. If you can include that amount in your budget, nothing helps alleviate the stress of moving more than delegating some of the main tasks to a professional moving company. To get the most out of your move and quickly settle into your new home, it can be helpful to understand what makes moving so stressful and what you can do to reduce it.

Whether you're moving to another state, country, or even the rest of the world, the following can help you make your move more pleasant and avoid the stress of moving. Even if you're not moving to a city far away, the actual move can include a new physical space, a new neighborhood, and maybe even a new job.